Connecting Hospitium To Adopt A Pet

Log into your Adopt A Pet Account


Under Shelter/Rescue click Mange My AutoUpload Account


For Select a default profile according to your shelter software (if applicable) select None of the available

Select Yes for the rest of the options.


Click Update My AutoUpload Settings to turn on AutoUpload.


You should see FTP Username, FTP Server, FTP Password


The FTP Username is the User name you should enter in Hospitium.

The FTP Password is the Password you should enter in Hospitium.

On your User Settings page of Hospitium you can enter the account credentials.


You can find the form by clicking the Add Adopt-A-Pet Account button under the Accounts tab.


Once you have entered an account you can click Sync Public To Adopt A Pet on the animal listing page.


This sends all public animals to Adopt A Pet. Public animals are also listed on our public Adopt and Animal pages.

To make an animal public, edit the animal, and click on Not Public.


Select Public from the resulting dropdown.


Your animal should now be public.


For best results, your species should match the names of Adopt-A-Pet Breeds.

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