Getting Started

Hospitium User Docs

Sign Up

(Only users needing an organization should signup for an account. To access an existing account, please request their admin create a user for you.)

First sign up for an account by clicking sign up on the homepage. All fields are required. You can edit your organization name later, as well as add contact information.


After signing up you will be redirected to the homepage. Confirm your account by email. Clicking the link should log you in.

Initial Setup

Before doing anything else with your new account. We recommend filling out you Organization's information. This will be used to allow people to contact you if you list animals for adoption on Hospitium's public pages.

First select Organizations from the navigation on the left hand side of the screen.


You should see the Organization you created during signup.


You can edit information by clicking on fields.

This convention holds through-out Hospitium. To edit a record, view it and click on the field's value.


Hospitium creates a few defaults to start with. This means you can start adding animals right away. If you need additional species/colors or anything else, feel free to add or delete them.

You can add records by clicking the Add button on each models index (the page with lists of records / the first page you see when clicking a navigation item).


Please see the documentation on each type of data for more information.